RACY minimal dinner plate

17 35 

clay: grey, concrete effect, stoneware, samot

glaze: beige shades, sometimes brown and yellowish colors are mixed


If in stock, you can pick it up in a few days, if not, I will contact you about the production and delivery times.

Small:  H 3 cm, ⌀ 16 cm
Medium: H 3.5 cm, ⌀ 20 cm
Big: H 4 cm, ⌀ 27 cm

My stoneware ceramics are fired at high temperatures (1230ºC), making them so compact that they are not permeable to water at all. The clays and glazes I use do not contain any harmful substances, they are suitable for food.

The high quality materials I use allow them to be used in the oven, microwave and they are also all dishwasher safe.

Since every piece is handcrafted and unique, the sizes and patterns may slightly vary.