I am Liza Rózsavölgyi,

the designer of Lizipot, handcrafted kitchenware and rustic implements of the home. I studied industrial and product design, before starting my stoneware collection in 2020.

My work is heavily inspired by minimalism, the ideas of Wabi-Sabi, and the raw-complexity of uncluttered staples of our every day life.


All my objects are made by hand

with dedication and attention. I make rustic utility ceramics. I design it to be functional and durable. I consider it important that objects that go beyond the ordinary offer leave my workshop, so that they can be a defining and prominent part of every home.

Black stoneware ceramics

My stoneware ceramics are fired at high temperatures (1230ºC), making them so compact that they are not permeable to water at all. The clays and glazes I use do not contain any harmful substance, they are suitable for food.

The high quality materials I use allow them to be used in the oven, microwave and they are also all dishwasher safe.

Planned unplannedness

Lizipot is meant to be a refresher in a world of largely untouched, symmetrical, and casted goods. My ultimate goal is to speak of material, technique and most importantly, my attachment to my products.